We are engaged in research & development of applications for vermiculite in the field of building construction, automotive industry, agriculture industry and many more. We also provide consultation to customers to help determining the right grade and quantity needed.


  • Fire Protection

    Vermiculite is recognised as a material...

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    Vermiculite for fireproofing

  • Friction Lining

    used extensively in the friction lining industry as a safe alternative...

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    Vermiculite for Friction Lining

  • Horticulture

    It can also be used as a carrier and extender or fertilisers...

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    Vermiculite for horticulture

  • Buildings & Constructions

    Modern civil and industrial...

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    Vemiculite for Buildings & Constructions

  • Processed Vermiculite

    Used for the production of anti-drumming...

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    Exfoliated vermiculite

  • Silicate Bonded Shapes & Blocks

    Vermiculite plasters can be made with ...

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    Vemiculite for Silicate Bonded Shapes & Blocks

  • Packaging Material

    Exfoliated vermiculite is a useful packaging medium...

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    Vermiculite for Packaging Material

  • Plasters

    Vermiculite plasters can be made with either gypsum...

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    Vermiculite for plasters

  • Bitumen Coated Vermiculite Screeds

    Vermiculite, coated with a bituminous ...

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    Bitumen Coated Vermiculite Screeds

  • Acoustic Insulation

    The struggle with the technical and everyday noise...

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    Vermiculite for Acoustic Insulation

  • Energy Conservation

    In the more expensive energy resources and to achieve...

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    Vermiculite fo rEnergy Conservation

  • Vermiculite Coated Fiber Glass

    This high temperature, heat and flame ...

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    Vermiculite Coated Fiber Glass