Energy Conservation By Usage Of Exfoliated Vermiculite

In the more expensive energy resources and to achieve comfortable conditions for civil and industrial buildings and structures carried out insulation of foundations, floors, walls, floors and roofs with the use of various insulating materials.

One of the high-quality and low cost is a heat insulator and expanded vermiculite insulation panels made from it.

Remarkable insulating properties of expanded vermiculite achieved, due to its porous structure with a huge number of closed insulating air spaces.

Bulk expanded vermiculite is used to fill the inter-wall and other building cavities, ceilings, insulation. The effectiveness of vermiculite filling characterized by the following figures: 20 cm layer of expanded vermiculite insulation properties of masonry is equivalent thickness of 1.5 meters and virtually eliminates heat loss through the attic floor. In addition, the absence of mechanical shrinkage distinguishes expanded vermiculite from other heat insulator bulk-perlite and expanded clay.

As shown, the use of bulk exfoliated vermiculite by 20% reduces the cost of materials costs and a 30% reduction in the volume of construction works.

In addition to the construction industry, and expanded vermiculite products (slabs and teplogidroizolyatsionnye mastic) are widely used as a heat insulator and in other industries: metallurgy, nuclear energy, aviation, automotive, etc.