Vermiculite International Sales

Always forward thinking, The international sales team at WHITE KNIGHT and its logistics associates provide simplified logistic solutions, end-to-end supply chain management by exporting Raw and Exfoliated vermiculite all over the world.

Our nearest ports are CHENNAI PORT TRUST at the distance of 138km and KPCL at the distance of 40 km

We have 100% customer satisfaction and acceptance of our products in ASIA-PACIFIC region.

Approximate Lead Times & Number of Days to Various Destinations

Sailing to final destination Total Delivery Lead Time from Date of Order (Days)
Sailing to Jubail 20 30
Sailing to Tokyo 30 40
Sailing to Jebel Ali 25 35
Sailing to Port Klang 30 40


Raw vermiculite 20 bags X 1.1 ton = 22 tons are loaded per 20ft container.

Exfoliated Vermiculite 500bagsX10kgs=5Mt are loaded per 20ft container 

**Depending upon the Average Bulk density loading capacity may slightly vary.

100% Transperency with trust.

With Custom technology we work with reputed Shippers with step-by-step customer visibility. Our shippers utilize advance technology to determine optimal distribution mode and secure best freight rates available. Customers can track the shipments in real-time with full visibility.

We are one of the largest vermiculite exporters to Saudi-Arabia, UAE, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

White Knight Vermiculite is periodically tested and approved by reputed international labs. Certificates of Analysis (COA) is available on request. All our Vermiculite sources are ASBESTOS FREE

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