Vermiculite For Poultry


Benefits of Vermiculite Feed for Broiler Chickens

With Highest ion-exchange capacity of Exfoliated vermiculite, following are the benefits of vermiculite feed additive for broiler Chickens 

Absolute weight increase in average daily gain (ADG)

Increase in haemoglobin (Iron) levels

Increase in Calcium, Phosphorus, protein levels

Higher feed efficiency

Safe to use

Higher growth rate, Within days to market

Lower mortality rate

Vermiculite For Poultry

One of the most promising natural minerals, suitable for use in Poultry is vermiculite. Vermiculite has been widely added to animal feed for poultry feeding to improve growth performance and health, to reduce toxic residues and to minimize costs of production.

Vermiculite is completely natural, free-flowing, soft, sterile and highly absorbent mineral. In animal nutrition it is used as a support and a carrier medium for a variety of additives, vitamins and nutrients.
Vermiculite acts as agent for the slow release of the active ingredient, while the feed may enter additional fibre. Due to the good absorbent capacity it can accommodate large amounts of liquids in order to ensure better hydration of animals. Vermiculite can be mixed with fats, vitamins, amino acids, fodder and other necessary elements like vitamins, minerals for better growth.

Vermiculite mixed with fish meal fed to broilers has shown higher ADG results
Shelf life is unlimited if stored properly