Vermiculite in Gaskets

A breakthrough in both heat and chemical resistance, Gaskets made up of WHITE KNIGHT Vermiculite materials are rated for temperatures up to 1000ºC and have passed the many fire tests and proven global results.
WHITE KNIGHT MICRONISED VERMICULITE is widely successful in Gasket Industry

Gaskets comprised of materials including vermiculite dispersions have found utility in automotive applications, including high temperature exhaust uses.

Benefits of the addition of vermiculite include

Inorganic binding that helps provide heat resistance in excess of 400deg and structural stability up to 1000deg

Highly anisotropic particles that contribute to sealing properties

Chemical resistance in a wide range of oils and organic substances.

Chemical compatibility exceeds graphite

No oxidation effects at high temperatures, total freedom from oxidation

Vermiculite wins over graphite at elevated temperatures by replacing the usage of graphite, aramid, glass, and carbon fibre in number of gasket applications.

Areas of Applications in Automotive Industry

As a material for the exhaust system in any IC engine (e.g. truck engines, marine diesel engines, gas engines)

For fitting between the cylinder head and manifold, and in the downstream flanged joints of exhaust systems

For turbocharger seals or EGR (exhaust gas recycling) gaskets, especially for the purpose of complying with stringent emission limits.

It may also be used for sealed joints on burners in heating systems, high-temperature heat exchangers, gas turbines, and other applications.