Application Floriculture


All the plants are required for normal development of certain conditions, one of which is the quality of soil, which is the process of cultivation.

Soil mixture should be well permeable to air and water, which is important for proper development of plants.

Anyone who even once tried to grow ornamental culture at home, in the open field or in greenhouses, faced with the problem of packing and hardening of soil, which entails the restriction of access to air and moisture to the root system, as a consequence, the plant develops slowly and, as usually grows old and dies.

Florists and gardeners faced with the decay of the roots of plants from the overflow and washout of useful substances from the soil using different fertilizers and additives.

To avoid all these unpleasant factors and achieve the most effective non-replaceable ground mixtures, we recommend adding a small amount of vermiculite – the mineral, which is on long-term observations quite effectively creates a favorable microclimate for the development of root systems and plants in general.

Due to the contents of oxides of trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, aluminum, iron, silicon – vermiculite is an effective bi ostimulant plant growth.

Vermiculite – highly porous mineral, which has between scales is the air. This structure allows to achieve the necessary aeration of the substrate properties, in which the land will not be compressed, does not form a crust on its surface, it remains loose.

With its high sorption properties, vermiculite is an excellent regulator of the air-humidity conditions, positively influencing the development of the root system. Vermiculite has a high rate of water absorption – 400% (100gr vermiculite absorbs 400 ml of water).

It easily absorbs moisture and is also easily gives it the plant, creating an optimal moist environment for the supply of roots.

Vermiculite is a member of some ready- Soil Mixture for home flower, which are sold through a network of shops. Using vermiculite may Soil Mixture cooking at home and it is these that are necessary to a particular plant.

When growing indoor plants add enough vermiculite to 30% of the volume of soil (on flower pot is made, pre-mixed, 1 part vermiculite, and 2-3 parts of the earth).