White Knight Minerals


The White Knight Minerals is a company that operates Vermiculite processing and exfoliation, which was established in 2009. Underlying the success of the company is an ethos of commitment to the values of Quality, Service and Reliability. Continuous innovation and close customer interaction have enabled the Company to consolidate its position at the leading edge of the various commercial activities, safeguarding market supply and offering greater flexibility in service to an extensive customer base.

Mission statement

The primary aim of the Company is to achieve excellence in all aspects of its activities and to develop the Company’s resources and assets in a social and environmentally responsible way for the maximum benefit of its shareholders, employees, customers and the community in which it operates. It is the Company’s firm belief that efficient and profitable operations go hand-in-hand with high-quality product and comprehensive and effective safety, health and environmental protection programmes.



Vermiculite for fireproofing
Fire Protection

Vermiculite is recognized as a material particularly suited for fire protection...

Vermiculite for Friction Lining
Friction Linings

Vermiculite is now used extensively in the friction lining industry...