Vermiculite applications

Fire Protection

Exfoliated Vermiculite Fire-proofing

Issues of fire safety are paramount in crowded places and objects with a high probability of ignition. It is to address these issues, conducted the event consisting in the use of fireproof materials in the construction and operation of civil and industrial projects.

Expanded vermiculite, as noted earlier, has a pronounced thermal stability and absence of toxicity at high temperatures, ie, is an excellent fireproofing material for fireproof plates

Inorganic vermiculite (HRP) is not toxic, biostable, light weight, durable, have excellent sound and thermal insulation properties and is very easy to install and processing. Currently available in vermiculite with critical dimensions: length – up to 2 m, width – 1.2 m and a thickness of 10 to 80 mm.

In addition, the boards allow the HRP staining texture paint and veneer wood veneer or plastic, which greatly increases their fine quality and expands the scope of their application.

In order to fire protection vermiculite are used:

  • In the construction of steel structures;
  • In ducts and fire dampers;
  • In the manufacture of false walls and ceilings, doors and wall panels;
  • In settling pits and conduits;
  • Wall of wooden structures;
  • In the manufacture of fireproof safes and furniture;
  • The construction of elevators, cars and ships.

Fireproofing Vermiculite Spray

Fire Proofing

Fireproofing Vermiculite Spray

Fireproofing Vermiculite spray is a lightweight coating that provides very efficient fire resistance with minimal thickness to steel structure and concrete frames, metal floor and roof decks. Structures protected with vermiculite spray can provide fire resistance for up to 240 minutes. Building types that will benefits include a wide range of educational, leisure and entertainment centers, factories warehouses and commercial projects.

Fireproofing Vermiculite Spray

Fireproofing Vermiculite spray coating is suitable for fire protection of structural steel columns, beams, metal ducts and cables as well as textured finishes. It is approved for both internal and external use, as well as acoustic and heat applications.

  • Fireproofing Vermiculite spray is versatile, cost efficient and recommended for projects where other products are too difficult or expensive to apply.
  • It provides up to 4 hours of protection and is suitable for both internal and external usage.