Vermiculite applications


  • Fire Protection

    Vermiculite is recognised as a material...

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    Vermiculite for fireproofing

  • Friction Lining

    used extensively in the friction lining industry as a safe alternative...

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    Vermiculite for Friction Lining

  • Horticulture

    It can also be used as a carrier and extender or fertilisers...

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    Vermiculite for horticulture

  • Buildings & Constructions

    Modern civil and industrial...

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    Vemiculite for Buildings & Constructions

  • Processed Vermiculite

    Used for the production of anti-drumming...

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    Exfoliated vermiculite

  • Silicate Bonded Shapes & Blocks

    Vermiculite plasters can be made with ...

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    Vemiculite for Silicate Bonded Shapes & Blocks

  • Packaging Material

    Exfoliated vermiculite is a useful packaging medium...

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    Vermiculite for Packaging Material

  • Plasters

    Vermiculite plasters can be made with either gypsum...

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    Vermiculite for plasters

  • Bitumen Coated Vermiculite Screeds

    Vermiculite, coated with a bituminous ...

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    Bitumen Coated Vermiculite Screeds

  • Acoustic Insulation

    The struggle with the technical and everyday noise...

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    Vermiculite for Acoustic Insulation

  • Energy Conservation

    In the more expensive energy resources and to achieve...

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    Vermiculite fo rEnergy Conservation

  • Vermiculite Coated Fiber Glass

    This high temperature, heat and flame ...

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    Vermiculite Coated Fiber Glass

  • Purification & Absorbents

    Adsorbent vermiculite appointed for filtration ...

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    Vermiculite Coated Fiber Glass